Our programs

Volleyball Position Specific

We offer Libero, Setting, Hitting and Blocking Clinics. We will begin with "static" technical training and finish with "progressive" mental training.

General Clinics

These clinics are for beginners and we will cover the fundamentals of volleyball techniqes and theories. We will train the players from the base up, with emphasis on basic footwork and balance.

Mental Toughness

Train your brain for mental toughness and clutch pay situations to make your stand out from the rest. We do so by incorporating your mental thought process to the physical training drills.

Speed and Agility

A strong core and flexiblity is essential for optimal volleyball performance. All drills are volleyball specific consisting of speed ladders, plyo boxes focusing on balance and core.

System training

Bring your entire team down for personal team training session or train with other position players using our set of "system" drills.

Private Training

We offer 1 on 1 training with our coaches for the most effcient training. You may split the clinic to 2 athletes. Call for availability.


Special Clinics with Coach James Ka
(TOP 10 D1 College Coach!)

Coach James Ka is a highly accomplished volleyball player and coach! This is your unique opportunity to learn from a Top 10 D1 college coach! Clinics available as well as private lessons. Clinics are $30/1 hour, and Private lessons are $120/hour.

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Libero clinic
(defense clinic)

Skill Level: Intermediate & Advanced
Maximum Participants: 8 per coach

Focus on serve recieves, digs, transitions. We will also cover ball control and reading the court and serving.

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All Skills Clinic
(general clinic)

Skill Level: Beginner & Intermediate

We will cover everything from passing, setting, hitting, blocking and serving as well as footwork and speed.

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Hitting/Blocking clinic
(offense clinic)

Skill Level: Intermediate & Advanced
Maximum Participants: 8 per coach

Focus on serve recieves, hitting and approach. We will also cover transforming lateral speed to vertical speed.

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Intense Passing Clinic

Skill Level: All Skills
Maximum Participants: 6 per coach

These clinics cover serve receives and digging. Perfect for athletes wanting to sharpen up their passing skills.

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Private Lessons

Please Call for Availability
Maximum Participants: 2

Up to 2 players may split private lesson sessions. Parents must coordinate the athletes if spliting the session.

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Speed and Agility clinic

Skill Level: Intermediate & Advanced
Maximum Participants: 8 per coach

Volleyball specific drills for quick and explosive performance. Recommended at least 1 session weekly to maintain level of play.

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