Testimonials from some of our AWESOME clients!
Thank you!

I would like to thank Pinnacle Volleyball Club for their clinics being offered which our daughter has been attending and improving from.

The clinics offer a diversity in skills training, and have been very helpful to our daughter in improving upon and refining her all around volleyball skills. The coaches have been very good instructing on specific techniques, mechanics, and improvements needed on an individual level. This helps our daughter better under the mechanics for different techniques so she can self-correct her mistakes. Several other clinics and clubs our daughter has attended primarily just run drills with little coaching on techniques at an individual level.

The coaches have all been very positive and supportive in their interaction with our daughter and other participants, which is important. This creates a supportive, but disciplined, clinic environment as opposed to others that can become more punishing. Most importantly, our daughter enjoys the clinics and has fun interacting with the coaches, which make it easier for her to learn and improve, and continue her love of the sport.

We appreciate the coach's efforts and clinics offered at Pinnacle Volleyball Club.

Thanks. Ronald


My daughter has participated in a number of clinics at Pinnacle Volleyball Hawaii. Clinics are led by top experienced volleyball coaches like James Ka and Carl Rallita. She has learned so much and these training sessions have helped take her volleyball skills to the next level.

- LH


Coral attended the Sunday clinic with Coach James Ka and UH players on 7/17 and she also attended the training with Coach Carl last Friday evening. I have to tell you that I was sooooo impressed with the terrific training!! We drove from KoOlina where we were vacationing, for Coral to train during vacation, as she has high school volleyball tryouts next week here in California. I couldn't have asked for better training. Thank you soooo much for all of your help during our stay there, and for helping me choose the right clinics for Coral. What an awesome program Pinnacle offers. I am very proud to say that Coral was able to train with your Coaches there. I have spread the word to Coral's volleyball club here in California about how awesome you guys were. Thanks a million!! We will for sure sign up again if we return next summer.

Candice Haskell


Thank you so much for allowing Kaylen to join your clinics as she got great reps and helpful corrections. I just wish we knew about your clinics earlier. As volleyball parents we are grateful for your outstanding clinics that accept college students. Your coaches were clear communicators and shared great feedback that helped prepare Kaylen for school season.

Aloha, The Higas


I first heard about Pinnacle Volleyball from a friend of mine and so I went to their website to learn more about their clinics and what they offered. My daughter needed some extra help before club tryouts so I decided to have her try one of the clinics. My daughter went to one of the best clinics ever that day. I was so impressed with how productive the clinic was I was in awe. The participants worked on various drills that challenged them to be precise in their passing and quick on their feet and they did several things at one time. The drills were not the ordinary slow moving drills, they were very creative and most applicable to her and her level of play. The coaching was also very impressive; very professional and very experienced. Since then we have not been interested in going to any other clinics outside of Pinnacle. We live in town but find driving out to Mililani well worth our time and money.

Tina Yuen


Hi Wanted to tell you that Anya had a great time at the All Skills Clinic Plus last Friday. It was a nice size and she did (as you mentioned) get a lot of feedback and reps. She thought Coach Carl was clear in his instruction and gave her great advice. She also really liked the other girls there :-) which was a huge plus (always a little scary when you don't know anyone). We look forward to joining more of these when we're back during the summer months. Thanks for all your help!

Best, Kelly


I highly recommend Pinnacle volleyball clinic. Coach Carl's energy and skill knowledge creates an awesome clinic. The rest of Pinnacle staff are all awesome. They work so great with the children. We can't wait to go to the next clinic. Thank you Pinnacle staff for all you do.



Pinnacle Volleyball Hawaii has been an awesome experience for my daughter. I have seen V-ball skill level improvements and positive attitude improvements in areas outside of clinics that I know Pinnacle played a HUGE part in. All the coaches and support staff are great. Trust me I know, with three children and tons of hours at clinics, practices and games. There is no wasted time here at Pinnicale, my daughter is putting in a solid two hours work. not just sitting around watching. And most of all learning important fundamentals as well as team work. Again we have seen tremendous improvements on and off the court. We appreciate your clinics and highly recommend them.

John R --- Mililani


My daughter attended her first clinic with Pinnacle yesterday and I must say that was the happiest I've seen her before, during and after a practice. We just wanted to say thank you for swinging the last minute reschedule from the previous week and for allowing her to be a part of Pinnacle. She really enjoyed class with Coach Carl and looks forward to next Sunday! Have a wonderful day! Thank you again!

Aloha, Dawn, Ikaika and Kairiee


Hi, my name is Alysha Rothstein and I'm 14 years old. The Pinnacle Clinic's have been really helpful to me. I have been in the "All Skill's Plus" and "Setters" clinic's. I've learned how to set the correct way, which is not something I was taught before hand even though I'm in club volleyball. I really like how coaches interact with the players. They give really good tips and are always keeping the players engaged. The Pinnacle Clinic's have helped to set me in the right direction, sharpened my skills, made me a more confident player and I look forward to participating in more clinics to get better in playing volleyball. I really enjoy going to the clinics, it's fun, challenging, a great learning experience and I'm taught the correct techniques in playing volleyball. I would recommend the Pinnacle Clinic to everyone. The clinic is also very well organized. Thank you.

Sincerely, Alysha Rothstein


"High level training from knowledgeable and respected coaches". "saw my daughter quickly build confidence and improve her game after just one lesson".

Andy Lee


We have two daughters ages 8 and 14 that attend the Pinnacle clinics. The youngest attends the Junior Spikers clinic that helped her to develop basic skills and confidence while having a lot of FUN! My 14 year old attends clinics and developed skills that allowed her to progress from from All Skills, All Skills Plus, Hitters, and Setters clinics. Not to mention the Special Clinics with Kupono, Tai, and Olivia! Those clinics helped her to make her school Varsity team as a Freshman Starter even though she only started playing volleyball in the 8th grade. Thank you Pinnacle!

Karen O